I am aware many people would like to have the support of a nutritional therapist for a few weeks, but perhaps do not feel they need a full consultation. So I've put together a Nutritional Therapy Starter Plan which you can buy alongside Nutritional Coaching. This consists of unlimited email, text and WhatsApp voice messaging for 4 weeks, or longer if needed, to ask any questions you might have, or simply for moral support along the way! Making lasting changes can often hinge of getting the right kind of support - this way you can feel supported along your journey to better health!

I promise I take into account that most people would find it hard to exist on green smoothies and raw salads all day! My approach is realistic, easy to fit into your daily routine, and most importantly, tastes good! I have a Starter Plan that is aimed at improving overall health (see Preview) or one that is specifically aimed at supporting people with weight management (see Preview).

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Nutrition Starter Plans

With Unlimited Email, Text and Voice Message Contact for 4 Weeks 

Just £50