Essential Oils

I love nutrition, and feel it is a key part to making your way down that road towards full health and well being. However, I’ve always believed it’s important to stay open to other methods of practice, rather than limit yourself to one area. Achieving that joie de vivre usually requires approaching it from a number of different angles.

In my search to find other methods to support my clients with their nutrition programs, I became more and more interested in essential oils. This wasn’t new to me as a nutritional therapist, as their benefits for gastrointestinal and immune health are widely known, but I only focussed on them intermittently. However, at one point I started to use them for myself, and was surprised and inspired at just how powerful they are. I realised that their uses were much more widespread than I’d previously imagined, and feel they are a beautiful way to support your health, not just in the physical sense, but also emotional and spiritual health too.

Deep down I’ve always felt that nature, in its purest form, has all the answers to our health problems, without the need for too much human interference with its structure. I feel essential oils are nature’s gift to us, providing us with a beautifully intoxicating system that works without the multitude of dangerous side effects of modern medicines.

Usually I steer clear of recommending one single brand for supplements, but when it comes to essential oils I firmly believe there is one company that make that produce the best quality oils, and that’s doTERRA. Their oils are processed to the highest standard and undergo external testing for purity and quality, something other companies do not currently do. The purity of the oils is vital, as is their strength, as this will impact how therapeutic they are.

They have a wide range of oils and oil blends, that are incredibly helpful for overall physical and emotional health, whether working therapeutically or preventatively. It’s a fantastic form of natural medicine for those with children in particular. I’ve taken them on board whole heartedly, and use them for my own benefit, as well as family and friends. Now I enjoy using them as powerful additions to nutritional therapy support programs.

If you feel this would be of interest then do contact me about signing up as a wholesale customer ( at a cost of  £24 for the year) which enables you to 25% off all the oils you buy with no monthly fee or obligation to make regular purchases. It is literally just a way of making them more affordable. Or if you just want to try one or two first, then follow the link below and which takes you to my web page. Click on the “Shop” tab, then opt for the language/country you require. Click on “Our Products”, then “Single Oils” or “Oil Blends” to browse through the different oils. I’ve given you an idea about 3 of the most popular essential oils at the bottom of this page.

Three Beautiful Oils!



This incredible oil has multiple uses including:

Cleansing and purifying the air and surfaces

Cleanses the body and supports digestion*

Promotes clear breathing*



One of the most beautiful fragrances in the world!

Widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities

Helps ease feelings of tension*

Helps aid with sleep*



One of the most commonly used essential oil. Peppermint can support you in multiple ways:

Energizing and uplifting!

Promotes digestive health*

Aids with gas and bloating*

Promotes clear breathing*

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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