Starter Plans are a really affordable and fun way to get started on a new way of eating, and I've set them up in such a way that they should also help with common symptoms clients come to see me with, such as IBS, fatigue, acne, eczema, hormonal issues and many others. If you have long-standing symptoms then you might rather have regular consultations, but I realise this isn't always possible for people, so set up these plans as a good compromise.

You have the option of simply downloading the plan and going for it on your own, or you can buy a plan with 1 month coaching for an added bit of support to start with.

To do this, simply purchase one of the Starter Plans with Monthly Coaching below (all are £50 with coaching or £3.99 without) and then once you've done this, please contact me and we will set up an initial phone call to discuss the plan and to give you encouragement about how to go forward. From that start date you then have unlimited contact via email, text and WhatsApp voice messaging for 1 month, for questions and moral support! I will also check in with you along the way to see how you are doing. 

Standard Starter Plan with 1 Month Coaching £50 - this is a general plan that works well for everyone and is a great way to make huge changes in your health and vitality. Click here for PREVIEW

Weight Management Starter Plan with 1 Month Coaching £50 - This is a plan for those of you who are wanting to lose a few pounds. Have a look at the preview for an idea of how I work, as although there is a set meal plan I don't advocate calorie or point counting and I believe long-term success is about learning to let go of really rigid ways of eating that focus only on the scales, rather than addressing real nutrition and learning to tune in to a healthier, more balanced way of eating.  PREVIEW

Liver Cleanse Starter Plan with 1 Month Coaching £50 - This is a plan for those of you who are wanting to go the extra mile. Our liver's have a lot to contend with and this plan enhances our detoxification system with a morning liver detox followed by healthy meals and snacks throughout the rest of the day. I usually advocate these plans for people who already eat a reasonable diet, as this just takes it to the next level.   PREVIEW

Liver Cleanse Weight Loss Plan with 1 Month Coaching £50- This plan is also aimed at losing a few pounds, but I would only recommend this for people who are already on a fairly healthy diet as liver cleanses can be a bit too much if you've lived off fast-food and very little fruit or veg. This plan is for those who already eat pretty well but just can't seem to shift those last few pounds. PREVIEW

Starter Plans Without Coaching

Standard Starter Plan £3.99    PREVIEW


Weight Management Starter Plans £3.99 PREVIEW

Liver Cleanse Starter Plan £3.99 PREVIEW

Liver Cleanse for Weight Management £3.99