I have a couple of options for my Starter Plans.

Nutritional Therapy Starter Plan with 1 Month Coaching for £50. This is for those of you who would like to have the support of a nutritional therapist for a few weeks, but perhaps feel a full consultation is unnecessary. You can purchase one of the Starter Plans below and then once you've done this, please contact me and we will set up an initial phone call to discuss the plan and to give you encouragement about how to go forward. From that start date you then have unlimited contact via email, text and WhatsApp voice messaging for 1 month, to ask any questions or for moral support along the way! I will also contact you regularly to check in with how you are doing. 

Standard Starter Plan with 1 Month Coaching £50 - this plan works for everyone and is a great way to make huge changes in your health and vitality. Click here for PREVIEW

Weight Management Starter Plan with 1 Month Coaching £50 - for those who wish to lose a few pounds. PREVIEW

Liver Cleanse Weight Loss Plan with 1 Month Coaching £50- I would only recommend this for people who are already on a fairly healthy diet. PREVIEW

Standard Starter Plan £3.99

Weight Management Starter Plans £3.99

Liver Detox Starter Plans £3.99