“When I first met Olivia I was suffering all kinds of body aches and immune issues. I was in constant pain. I came to Olivia interested in how a change in diet could further improve my symptoms plus my overall health. I have to say, when it comes to health and nutrition, Olivia is a real expert and her nutrition and lifestyle advice is easy to follow. The benefits have been so noticeable that it has been easy to persevere with the changes to my diet.
Olivia is so caring and compassionate person, she has been more than a Naturopath ,she is an amazing life coach. The advice given by Olivia has helped improve my symptoms and also increased my energy.

I can’t recommend Olivia enough. She has been amazing with me and really helped me on my journey to having a relationship with food again and to get to the root of any health problems I suffer. She is really caring and easy to talk to. Thank you Olivia for all you have done for me”. NA

“When I met Olivia I was struggling with my health and I was totally overwhelmed. Having her as my coach enabled me to understand the healing power of nature be it food, herbs or essential oils. Her meal plans were delicious and invaluable!

Olivia is not only professional but she is also very kind and empathetic. She always keeps in touch and its never awkward if I have any queries or need some emotional support. She loves what she does and she is amazing at it. I am very grateful to Olivia for all the support she has given me. She is truly the best coach!” NE

“My 8 year old daughter was having stomach aches and after months of going backwards and forwards to our GP, we eventually contacted Olivia. I only wish I had earlier. Olivia ran some basic tests and really listened to both my daughter and myself. It became so clear, a light bulb moment of relief for our little girl, who can now get on with her life and most importantly both of us know and understand what was happening. Olivia was organised and efficient, caring and knowledgeable. It is an absolute pleasure to recommend her and repay her hard work, we continue to use her for the whole family!” JW

“I consulted Olivia because I had been suffering with Epstein Barr for 14 years. She was extremely helpful and not at all dismissive of my many symptoms which up until then had me worried as there were so many. I enjoyed talking to her and was very pleased that her subsequent suggestions have definitely helped me on the road to recovery.” MS

“I met Olivia during a time of poor diet, severe Anxiety and Insomnia. She took on board the whole picture of my circumstances and complied a holistic approach to my support plan.
Olivia has been more than a Naturopath ,she has been to me a steady comfort and life coach. Over the 6 weeks from initial consultation to the end I really felt supported, even when I just needed to reach out for general well-being. Thank-you for making a very big difference to my life during not just in a time of sickness but providing me practical foundations that will propel me to continued good health”. RS

“After reading and loving her blog posts I bought a consultation with Olivia as a gift for my husband. He was in a rut with eating and was facing a few challenges with a recent lactose intolerance diagnosis. I decided to join him and we’ve been having couple consultations since the beginning of this year. What I love most about working with Olivia are her positive and realistic attitude, the thoughtful and thorough level of support, and the accessible way in which she imparts her knowledge of nutrition to us. We have made some manageable yet revolutionary changes in the way we eat and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone!” B Jones

“I am a Personal Trainer and endurance athlete and have for years been having stomach issues that no one could help with. I eat extremely well and train sensibly, but as an endurance athlete my stomach issues were really beginning to effect my competitions as well as the rest of my work and home life. Olivia was careful to listen and started with some basic tests, that immediately showed what she had already suspected. It’s a long journey now, but with her support and knowledge, she has put me back into the driving seat of my health and the difference has been phenomenal. I am her biggest advocate for my clients, and believe that good health has to include nutritional advice of this standard. It is an absolute pleasure to recommend her.” JW

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