The Solfeggio Frequencies – Using Meditation for Health

I only heard about the Solfeggio frequencies, or the Solfeggio scale, a year or two ago in relation to meditation. This may seem a bit off topic for nutritional therapy, but actually I fully believe that if you really want to make changes to your health, particularly when you’ve had health problems for many years, a truly holistic approach is the best way to go. I've previously posted a guest blog from my fellow Lazy Nutritionist, Rachel, on why meditation is so beneficial           so have a read if you are interested. It’s becoming common knowledge just how beneficial meditation is. There is a huge amount of research that has been conducted, and shows positive effects, often around general things like stress, mood and well-being, but also sleep, anger management, cellular ageing, chronic pain and cognition. For more information then follow this link.  

So how does this link to the Solfeggio frequencies? Well mainly because a lot of people use them to help with meditating. I personally find it impossible to sit with nothing – but since using these frequencies I’ve been able to meditate much longer and find the whole thing less of a drag to the point where I really enjoy doing it now. But more than that, these sound frequencies are thought to have certain effects that are beneficial in and of themselves.

The Solfeggio scale originated centuries ago, coming from sound frequencies in Gregorian chants. They have since been modernized by Dr Joseph Puleo, a naturopathic physician and leading American herbalists, who began researching them in the 1970’s. Basically he translated the sounds into ascending electro-magnetic frequencies using various complex mathematical equations (something to do with Pythagoras apparently). These then became the Solfeggio scale. They are used to put together pieces of music which resonates at different Hertz.

Why is this so important in terms of healing? Well sound is vibrational, so will affect the energetic field. Humans are also vibration energy, so the power of the Solfeggio frequencies comes from how they are thought to affect us on a vibrational, energetic level.

The exact frequencies are thought to correspond to certain emotional blockages and negative thought patterns, many of which may be subconscious. They are also used to balance chakras (energy centres in the body), so I’ve also put down which chakra they correspond to.

396 Hz – helps with turning grief into joy and letting go of fear and guilt liberating guilt & fear – Base Chakra

417 Hz – for cleansing traumatic experiences from the past and facilitating change – Sacral Chakra

528 Hz – for transformation and miracles (DNA repair) – Solar Plexus Chakra

639 Hz – to support with reconnecting and finding balance, harmonising relationships – Heart Chakra

741 Hz – for increasing self-expression – Throat Chakra

852 Hz – to support spiritual awakening and intuition – Third Eye Chakra

Additional research conducted by Dr. Leonard Horowitz claims to have revealed three more Solfeggio frequencies:

963 Hz - this tone awakens any system to its original, perfect state and reconnects you with spirit – The Crown Chakra

174 Hz - the lowest of the tones is believed to be a natural anaesthetic

285 Hz - helps return tissue into its original form

You can find plenty of meditations on YouTube that use the Solfeggio Frequencies, some of which use all of them. Power Thoughts Meditation Club is a good YouTube channel. They are often very long, so don't feel you need to sit there for an hour! Just do 10 minutes and see how it feels. It’s best to listen with headphones and make sure you are in a comfortable position.

I’m aware that many people will only be interested in them in terms of making it easier to meditate, as they are often pleasant to listen to. But for those of you who are interested in the more spiritual aspects then they really are fascinating as after a while you can actually feel how the different frequencies affect your chakras. I will often get tingling in my crown or third eye chakra, and the other day I was listening to a meditation that uses the heart chakra frequency and I felt some very odd sensations in my heart (well, you feel it centrally, as your chakra is completely central as oppose to your actual heart which is to the left). Don’t worry if you don’t feel any physical sensations, it doesn’t mean it’s not having an effect. I don’t know how many people actually feel their chakras, it’s not something that comes up in daily conversation! But it can help give you a focus to your meditation when you know you want to work on a specific area. Or if you simply want to switch off to some beautiful sounds for 10 minutes, then that is just as meaningful!

Happy Relaxing



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