The Wonders of Celery Juicing!

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So nearly a month into 2018 and I thought it was about time to do a blog on probably the quickest way to give yourself an injection of nutrition. Before I go any further into the wonders of celery juice, I better give credit where it’s due and say that this information comes from Anthony Williams, a medical medium - he has plenty of stuff online, so just google him and start reading. But being a Naturopathic Nutritionist, I’m always interested in the next nutrition theory and more than happy to take ideas from unconventional sources if I feel they work, and this one definitely does. I’ve used it with a few clients now, and I promise, there have been no complaints!

So why is celery so good for improving health and overcoming chronic conditions? Celery contains numerous mineral salts that our bodies are dependent upon to function properly – you can taste this in the distinct, salty flavour celery has. These chemicals are thought to help with inflammation, and also restore stomach acid levels, which means it’s a good place to start for anyone with gut related problems. Anthony Williams believes celery juice will help pretty much any condition – from fibromyalgia, RA, migraines and restless legs, to eczema, heart burn, muscle cramps, fatigue and IBS. I know first-hand it’s been incredible for restless legs syndrome (see here for more details on how to manage this) and also sorts out headaches for me pretty quickly, and it doesn’t take long for me to notice changes in my skin – not just on my face but the back of my arms. Bumpiness on the back of the arms is a good indicator of suboptimal nutrition – so it can be a really useful measure. I’ve also found my overall digestion has improved markedly – I’ve never have major problems with this, so maybe I’m not the best judge, but I’ve had clients with significant IBS symptoms and it has helped within a week or two of starting.

By juicing the celery, you get the benefits of more of these chemicals in one go – let’s face it, how many celery stalks can you munch your way through on a daily basis? So, his recommendations are that you juice enough celery to make 16oz/ 450ml and have this on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. But how realistic is this? And more importantly, how gross does it taste? Actually, it’s not that bad – but I would suggest a few slight changes. Firstly I just juice one bunch of organic celery (which makes slightly under the recommended amount). I also peel and juice 1-2 large lemons or a couple of limes with it. I make sure I have it with plenty of ice cubes – then I have to say, it really does taste refreshing. I also find that it’s quite pleasant first thing in the morning – but I can’t always be bothered to use my juicer ten minutes after getting up. So I often have it later in the day, although always on an empty stomach.

One addition you can add – which helps with detoxification of heavy metals - is coriander (cilantro, as it’s called in the States). I've done a recent blog on why coriander really is the King of Herbs - have a look here if you want to find out more. I do up to a whole bunch with the celery and lemon juice. Sounds vile, but it actually makes the whole thing taste better. I suggest that when you start celery juicing, just do half the amount to start with and see how you feel. The first few times I did it, it clearly had an impact. I felt really light headed and my intestines went nuts – not in a bad way, but it literally feels like it cleans you out.

So if there is one new thing you take up in 2018 for your overall health, then maybe this is the one!


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