Weight Management

Weight loss or weight gain can be difficult for people. There is no one right approach that fits all and I steer clear of calorie counting/points/weighing every morsel you eat as we all know those approaches rarely work long term and ultimately end up producing more and more detrimental patterns of behaviour around food.

As a naturopathic nutritionist I emphasize the nutrient value of the foods, rather than just making sure you are getting the right food groups in. This not only helps reduce cravings, but usually ends up improving a person's relationship with food overall.

I do have some set plans that can be helpful for some people to start off with, at least for the first few weeks - but given everyone has different calorific needs, these are not counted out and there may still be minor adjustments needed by you, which involves tuning in to your own requirements.

For those of you who prefer not to have any set menus I find using meal planning sheets and creating your own days/weeks with the recipes I provide, can work just as well.

I do also support people through gentle cleanses - I use Anthony William's work to guide this process. This works incredibly well for weight loss but isn't for everyone as it can feel quite extreme if you've been eating a lot of high fat/sugar foods for a while. But it is there as an option for those that are interested - even if you do this a couple of months down the line after starting with a more gentle approach.

Lastly I work with you to understand principles around weight management, such as ensuring your blood sugar levels remain stable, that help keep you on track. The more people understand about why they turn to certain foods, the easier it is for them to change their habits.

Each person is individual and we'll discuss in detail during your initial consultation what approach would best work for you.

Initial Consultation £70

Follow-Ups £40

I also do Monthly Coaching for weight management clients too at £40 per month or £100 for 3 months (plus cost of the initial consultation). This allows us to keep in contact on a regular basis via WhatsApp or email/text and have a quick 15 minute call each week to check in. I've found this method to be particularly helpful for clients for the first few months.